A350 flights from EGLL to OTHH Event starts at 4 pm GMT June 27 2020


Also please leave a comment if you are joining we are leaving from Terminal 5 please leave which gate you will be departing from also LOOKING FOR ATC CONTROLLERS FOR BOTH AIRPORTS THAT DAY* If you are interested please leave a comment down below and thank you.

This is my first ever event I am planning please tell me if I should Improve or do something differently next time.

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Looks like a fun flight but you need to change your title cost this post for the correct title format.

Have fun!


Thank you will you. like to participate .

Sorry I can’t I have a flight already also I’m not sure if it’s a typo but it says 4 PM GMT do you mean AM?

Its 12pm est

Unfortunately, group flights must be within three hours of posting. Please take a read of the guidelines, which @Chicago_Aviator kindly linked above. Thanks!

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Thank you for your post today. Please be aware that the #live:groupflights category has certain rules and formatting requirements that must be adhered to.


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