A350 Flight!

Hi Comrades,

i have a few questions about the A350, because I’m not an expert on it!
The question is how do I fly cleanly to the FL410? Because from FL380 it always pulls strongly to the left and right, then I have to drop back to FL350 or FL370 until it calms down again!
Now as far as I know, how can I or do I get up without wavering?

Thank you in advance for your ample help and answers.

Best Regrads Vinny


what was your load at the time ? of trying to get to FL410

Yea whats the weight

Hi Vinny!

There’s several resources I’d suggest to ensure a realistic and safe flight at high altitudes.

First you’ll have a source to ensure that the flight you are replicating (unless you’re flying your own choice of route). Generally flying the altitudes given in Flightradar24 I find works well.

This will help you step climb at a realistic rate.

The main thing to be aware of is your weight. Generally use a normal or light weight configuration (unless being super realistic) with a realistic amount of fuel suggested by FpltoIF. This ensures your flight will safely be able to reach high altitudes without straining the engines beyond a realistic weight it handles.

You’ll also want to keep a good speed, of which the A350 cruises at Mach 0.85.

This should help, although feel free to ask any more questions.

– ECoops


My last flight was from Hamburg-Finkenwerder to Madrid!

Only had 3 1/2 hours of fuel, 10 Passengers and Cargo was 0%.

So I think the page (Fpltoif) is not bad, i just filled out everything and i can’t get any further, because you have to create an account, but that’s why I don’t want this!

Too many registrations are nothing for me!
It would be nice if Infinite Flight could invent it all by themselves!
Without having to go to FlightPlan Database, or Simbrief, etc.
It would be nicer all in one and also in one account under IFC.

But thanks for your help and opinion =)


Certain factors could be at play. For example, winds might not be in your favor and that could cause some instability, another and this is quite possible is airspeed.

When climbing higher and higher your airspeed will decrease, for example, when flying at let’s say FL330, your airspeed could be around 253KIAS – 267KIAS. When you climb higher this number will decrease and you could become unstable.

So, when climbing, monitor your airspeed until you reach (said altitude) . When it starts to get really low maybe increase until you feel stable enough or descend and gain some more airspeed.

Now I am not saying airspeed is the issue, but just keep in mind that it is a potential factor.

Hopefully this helps!

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A350 should only cross the FL370 mark when its 4hrs away from its destination (on a long haul/ultra long haul) otherwise it rocks like that, same goes for the A320 family.

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