A350 flight plan

For some reasons, a350 is not following my flight plan. Can anyone tell me why


The NAV is on the auto pilot page

Even my AP NAV is on

Make sure it’s set to GPS as the source.

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Set BRG 1 as GPS. Press and hold


Screenshot the ap page

But what is BRG 1 and BRG 2? And what is the things inside about?

@Andre_S I think I need to set source as GPS as well

Have a look at our brand new tutorials! They explain everything perfectly 😊


Yes. According to the screenshot your source is set to GPS.

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Thank you for helping!!

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i need some help.

If i make a Flight Plan, but when i tap on the runway for autolanding, i see this.

You need to be within 27nm to select the ils

ok. So in my Fl Plan, i click on the airport? No route into any runway?

Yes click airport for FLP when your 27nm from airport select the runway you want to land on set to nav 1 or nav 2

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