A350 flaps

Anyone know the landing flaps for a350?

I would assume Full would be sufficient most of the time.


But when to deploy flaps 1,2 and 3

Ive been operating at 140kts on short final with flaps full, has worked like a charm.

to answer your follow up…

I deploy 1 at 200kts, 1+F as i slow to 180kts, then adjust to 2 and 3 as im turning into final, full when im about 5 to 7 nm out


Flaps 1 I would say 190 or something, flaps 2 maybe 170, flaps 3 150 or so. If you struggle to maintain your alt that’s when you realise. Sooner or later you will just do it naturally. I’m sure the official figures are out there for you to find though

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You use flaps 1, 2 and 3 for higher speeds at which it wouldn’t be safe to deploy full flaps. There is a chart between the PFD and the MFD that gives you the maximum allowed airspeed for each config. Once you are below that speed you may deploy the flap config at various speeds depending on for example the aircraft load. Overall this is something that will just take a while to get the hang of. Fly with the plane on solo, play around with the flap settings and see what works best for you.



Landing flaps will depend on your aircraft load. If you’re heavy, you may want more flaps. If you’re light, you might not need all of the flaps.

Pro Tip:

Flap and Gear speeds are in the cockpit. 😁


Lol thx. Didn’t realise it as I’m in a night flight

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