A350 flaps bug

I have experienced a bug in the A350 where flaps 1 is considered as 0, so basically changing the flaps from 1+f to 1, does not happen as it is supposed to be where the flaps goes to 0.

Flaps 1 doesn’t actually move the flaps down, it moves the slats down . Have a look at the planes wing when you set them to 1. You will see the flaps dont move, but slats do.

In the sum of things, Flaps 1 moves the Slats down


I believe the word you are looking for is slats. Flaps 1 extends the slats (leading edges of a wing) Flaps 1 + F is extension of the slats and the flaps (F denotes flaps)


Yea, sorry, could not remember the name ;)


Yeah, I think something is not going alright anyways, since the plane shakes rapidly after changing the “flaps” from 1+f to 1.

Can you elaborate more on the shaking?

It starts swinging just like changing flaps from 30° to 5° at one time.

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