A350 First Online Flight

  • Aircraft and Livery: A350-900 Air France

  • Route: LFPO - TFFF

  • Time of Departure: 12:03 Zulu

  • Server: Expert

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Martinique Aimé Césaire international airport, it’s 4:09PM local time, the weather is great with a temperature of 28°C.

For my first A350 flight I decided to realize a real route operated by Air France : Paris Orly (LFPO) - Martinique Aimé Césaire (TFFF). When I spawned, I was surprised to see another aircraft (FWI510) going to the same destination, and he also used an A350 but from Air Caraïbes (FWI).

I made my flight plan, more than 8 hours are expetced, prepaired my fuel, passengers and cargo, then I left Paris Orly by runway 24, only 2 minutes before my aircraft neighbour. Some light turbulences around Paris are felt, but the rest of the flight was mostly calm with tailwinds most of time.

I finally land at 08:09 PM UTC after a 07:56 hours flight and 15 minutes before FWI510 due to different flight plan and flight level. At arrival, I saw another aircraft (FWI511) preparing the back flight to Paris Orly (the closer one on pictures).

I let you some pics that I took when I was parked. Let me know if you want more details about my flight, I will be glad to give you ! And if you know the guy I traveled with, please let me know too

Thank you :) !


Hello, the group flights topic is for organising flights with other people within the next 3 hours, it looks like your flight is already done so the photos belong in #screenshots-and-videos . They should also have the HUD and buttons removed.


Ok my bad, I change the subject now. Thank you !

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The #live:groupflights category is for the planning and making of group flights. I changed this over to the #screenshots-and-videos category which is where you share your cool photos, your photos are also needed to be changed they have the HUD as well as the tags of other players. I would suggest making a new topic, I flagged this for closure.

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Thank you. I changed pictures removing HUD and users ID ! My bad, it was my first time sharing a flight


Also can you delete this?

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Done ! Sorry about that

It’s all good! Your learning the rules.

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Seriously, great post my friend. I hope you had an awesome trip and a great experience with this beautiful bird!

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Thanks for this comment dude ! It was a really amazing flight, and this new way of controlling aircrafts are really more realistic and it was a great felling !

Looks like it was a nice flight.

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