A350 First Impressions

Hello everyone!

Since the release of the A350, I’ve been flying in it a lot, particularly from my home airport, Houston (KIAH). These flights are ones I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and can finally perform with the new aircraft. Here’s some pictures from my travels, please enjoy!

Trip 1 - KIAH ➡️ WSSS (via EGCC)

Leg 1

Here, I’m departing Houston along LURIC7. After making an immediate right turn, I begin on my eight hour flight to Manchester.

After passing the airport, I begin a short climb to 35000ft.

Cruising at 35000ft, just about to pass into Pennsylvania. Last few minutes of daylight.

And touchdown in EGCC! I’m not going to show you my landing, because, well… none of your business.

Leg 2

Lined up for takeoff, then into the sky I go! Similarly to KIAH, my SID gives me a pretty quick turn, which allows a stunning view of the field!

After around 12 hours of flying, I began approaching WSSS airspace. As I neared my destination, I saw a few aircraft heading the opposite direction.

After a few vectors from approach, I was cleared for landing and finally touched down in Singapore.

In total, this trip was around 20 hours of flight time all the way from the great state of Texas, to the beautiful city of Singapore. First flight in the A350? Success!

Trip 2 - KIAH ➡️ OTHH

This is a flight I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, since I’ll likely be flying it in a few months in real life. I was glad to see OTHH was featured for FNF, so I didn’t hesitate to fly the 13 hour route.

After loading up the aircraft, I taxied to the runway, and departed along the same SID as my KIAH-EGCC Leg, which brought me right over the airport.

Left downwind for 16L

Landing at OTHH, with traffic right behind me.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed these trip reports! Be sure to leave a comment if you liked these pictures. Also, leave a comment if you don’t like them. Cheers!


Nice topic! Personally, I feel you could have used a few more daytime pictures.The IAH-Manchester is one of my favorite 5th freedom routes!

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I agree, unfortunately most of my flights were at night 😂

I know I can change the time, but I just wanted a more realistic feel (I guess?)

Same as me, I always flight real time (to be more realistic)

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I hope you had a great experience afterward

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