A350-F Livery Design Competition Winner!

About a month ago, Airbus announced the winner of the A350-F livery design competition. The winning livery wraps the aircraft in a brown color, while adding a bunch of packaging labels to make the aircraft look like a package itself.


You can watch Airbus’s reveal video of this livery here.

What are your thoughts on this livery, and do you think it fits the A350?


It’ll definitely be interesting to see which carriers will order this aircraft

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I doubt many of the mainline cargo operators would opt for the A350F but only time will tell.

It might serve as a good replacement for the old MD-11Fs still used by many cargo airlines. It could also possibly be a good replacement for the 777F which is starting to get old as well.

I think this livery is how a freighter should be demonstrated. It’s original and very clever. I honestly want to see Boeing do something like this when they build the first 777-8F.

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That’s a funny livery in my opinion. It looks like a flying package


That is very clever and very creative.

Can’t wait to see this in real life.

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Aheago should’ve won

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It is definitely super fun and so good looking on the A350. One of my favourite liveries for sure!

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