A350 enquiry

Thank u guys for ur help!

You can still fly, maybe not on expert but you should’ve thought about that before getting ghosted 6 times… And it’s not a year. It’s a year from your first ghost which was probably months ago. And the A359 will be released when it’s released. It’s in beta now.

Also id suggest checking #tutorials and maybe figuring out where you went wrong to avoid getting reported again.

Yes but it was not my mistake at all. I was following the atc controller when he suddenly asked me to change runways when I was at 1200 ft.
Just to let u know the atc controller was Prashant Divedi

Then contact him. @Prashant_Divedi

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If you believe you have a genuine reason for getting a ghost reversed, you can try and PM the controller and discuss. No promises though.

Then, maybe you should’ve gone around and also told the tower that you would go around. That could’ve prevented the controller from ghosting you

No need for comments regarding the situation of the ghosting. You and I and everyone else wasn’t there. The controller and OP know what happened. And should be discussed in a PM.

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I highly doubt that you were ghosted “for no reason”. As a former member of IFATC (and former VATSIM controller), I can assure you that controllers only ghost when it is absolutely necessary. Most likely you screwed up more than you recognize. For instance, you may have been coming in from the completely wrong direction and didn’t recognize it, which creates a plethora of conflicts with departure traffic.

At any rate, if you know who the controller is then it should be discussed with them in a PM. Complaining about it here won’t fix anything.

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I didn’t asked you to change Runway,you were told to enter Left downwind 07L and you were lined up at 07r colliding with the aircraft on right base 07r. You were then told to check assigned Runway,failure to maintain appropriate seperation resulted you in a ghost. There’s always a reason behind a ghost.


Continue in PM please