A350 engines do not start on their own

Device:ilhone 7
Operating system: ios 16
The A350-900’s engines refuse to start on their own accord, and keep giving the error message about turning on the master switch, no matter what i do. Ground power, using the APU, waiting an entire hour with the switch on, etc etc nothing works to turn the engines on other than auto start. Quite annoying.

Turn off the master switch and APU for about 15 seconds, and then turn it back on. This has happened to me before on other planes and that has worked

Make sure you enable the battery before you start the APU, otherwise it will say you enabled the APU, but it will not actually turn on

Just in case. You gotta make sure the systems onboard the a350s cockpit are alive. And always select APU to start after battery, Dont select it to ON


At this time the GPU doesn’t supply any actual power to the aircraft.

The right sequence to start the engine(s) in this case is:

  • in the menu go to SYSTEMS → ELECTRICAL
  • turn on MAIN BATTERY
  • set APU selector to APU START
  • wait until APU START changes to APU ON
  • go to ENGINES
  • start an engine

Have fun! 😉

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Don’t forget to add some lbs/kgs of fuel…