A350 Egg Glitch

Hi Everyone

For some reason, the moving thing at the bottom of the game keeps in a continuous movement and does not respond when I try to rotate my device. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Did you have AP on?

Yes, and I’m in jumpseat view.

Has this happened to you multiple times?

This is my second time doing this, it worked the first time.

Just a question. Can you fly the plane normally without AP? If not, your devices tilt function may have been disable or broken.

Yep. Hand-flying usually works perfectly for me.


Was your device calibrated?

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Yes, I tried calibrating a few times.

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The slider bar only works off of your device’s accelerometer. Device calibration has nothing to do with this. Turn the AP on, and rotate your device left or right. Continuous movement is always on.


Alright. I just won’t play the game for the rest of my flight. Once I land this current flight, I’ll make a new one and update on if it works or not, Thanks.