A350 Easteregg records: Atari Breakout

I’m so peed off I just 75.0 seconds and didn’t manage to screenshot it! 😭

@Ecoops123 something called replay mode 😉

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It won’t show it in the replay because you can play the game in the replay.

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It won’t. Thought it would just replay what you played. Damn! :(

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I tried. I was disappointed too. I tried to screenshot and tilted my device as I reached for the volume and power button. I moved my bat thing out the way 😭😂

🤔 hmmm…

Will add everything next year guys.

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Not set by me but my Dad 😂

You can put @ItsBlitz ‘s Dad

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You’ve been dethroned @Grizpac, for now. 36.4 seconds. 😎


Told you guys it’s possible. 45 seconds isn’t a very good time!

And there is me…I haven’t played it yet, Simbrief never gives me a cruise higher than 410.
Maybe some day I’ll be light enough.

Just put as little amount of fuel, pax and cargo in as you can and rocket up there, then go into your replay and play.

How do I get the screen to play tho?

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Maybe someday I’ll do it better

Go up to FL420 in an A350, select jumpseat view, turn right and its game on!

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