A350 Doors

Hello Everyone, since the 21.1 update the A350 doors’ windows are white and not transparent as they were before the update.
Look at this pictures:



Just to let you know, there is actually a request for “completing” the A350 (full rework). This includes the doors.

Feel free to leave a vote for it! :)

That’s not what they are talking about, they specificity want the door windows fixed

I have no idea what the requirements for a support topic are but this might qualify, just a thought

Thanks for informing me!

Im aware of that detail. Thanks for the FYI tho.

Still, we can’t decide about that. Let’s see what the mods say about it.

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Not sure what I’m looking at in the second picture as its dark. In the future, please create feature requests that clearly and accurately depict what it is you’re asking for/requesting.

Thank you