A350 do be kinda sexy


no, that’s not a typo

welcome ladies and gentlemen

i don’t know where i’m going with this

anyways, lets get straight into this flight i made with @Pilot_Aaltonen!

Top Secret

Aircraft: Finnair A359
Server: ES

@Pilot_Aaltonen parked at the gate as passengers casually spawn in the aircraft

Following company aircraft @Pilot_Aaltonen to runway 15

An A321 making me drool with all that butter 🤤

@Pilot_Aaltonen rotating as I hold short

Finnair logo do be bussin’

have you ever thought about that 1 passenger taking a dump in the plane while this photo is taken?

ngl the middle East is more beautiful than minecraft steve

💨 ⏭️

lets take a look at the go-pro footage just before touchdown

there is 1 impostor amogus (cough cough @Arnav_Nimbkar)

sorry for the tags @Pilot_Aaltonen and @Arnav_Nimbkar 🥴

kiitos for watching and have a good day :)


Nice shots mate ! :)

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Glad I’m not the only one ;)

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Great pics mate, what are the edit settings for the 5th one though, i am curious…

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Thanks, appreciate it!

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Snapseed: Morning Filter + Lens Blur
Apple: Slightly adjusted “auto” editor + vivid cool filter

Before edits:



Love the little comments

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thanks a lot mate, great pics again!

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Loved it 😂😂😂😂

Thanks for the company mr on this overnighter.

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Thanks, was great flying with you :)

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Someone like to use the blur effect…

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Don’t worry, I have been informed in a PM that I gotta tone that down slightly lol

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Das a thicc boi

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Fantastic shots !

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Now I want to see more of this 😂😂😂😂

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Amazing!! 😍😍😍✅

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Indeed. 🥵😂

Thank you sir :)

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Thanks, appreciate it :)

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