A350 Display tail/nose wheel cameras


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Airbus A350’s use displays that can display pretty much anything. One very neet function they have to display feed’s from the tail camera as well as nose wheel camera. This camera used to assist pilots with taxing.

IF Implementation

Currently, we have 2 displays that are not used for anything YET. We already have the ability to view our flights from tail cam as well as nose wheel cam. Currently taxing at night can be quite hard as sadly without proper lighting you can always see taxiway centerline. I think It would be very helpful to pilots who want to do their flights as realistically as possible from the cockpit especially with a gorgeous live cockpit that we got. As pretty much everything is in place for this feature it shouldn’t take away much time from the development team but will help hundreds of pilots taxi and will make IF even more realistic.

I mean its nice to have, but really. We can switch camera angles to see that particular angle. Pilots in real life really need this, not IF pilots.


I like the idea. Make use of the big black screen

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Yes, but there are pilots on IF who would like as much realism as possible and why not use free real estate that we have. Little things matter.

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Yeah, but there is no point to it, when we can switch camera angles. We could add something that maybe useful on-screen.

There is point I don’t want to argue but I think that this is a quality of life feature. As said by devs this screen will be used in the future but while they are not it would be good to have something realistic. Same thing you can say about placing a map on them we can just open the map but really I would focus on flying/taxing then flicking trying to find the camera or map

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I think it’s very useful when we taxing to the gate !

I think trying to see something on a tiny screen is just not an option…not all of us have eagle eyesight.
Alex is right in this case. Pilots can simply switch camera views to look outside to see the tail or nose wheels, with minimal hassle. I believe this has been the tradition since the beginning.

Now, where you said you want to focus on taxiing rather than looking for the right camera…can’t you just find the right camera first, align yourself to the taxi line, and tap the throttle to gain some speed? Really, it’s quite simple. In fact, I don’t think you even have to use nose wheel cameras, because you can just taxi while you’re in the cockpit. Yes, we all know taxiing at night is tricky, but some of us break a little bit of realism and just set the time to day until takeoff, where we set the time back to current time. It may seem unorthodox, but it’s a simple solution for now (unless the moonlight really shines and you can clearly see taxi lines without changing the day). But fear not, taxi lights are expected to arrive very soon😀.

Flying is a different matter. Logically you want to center yourself in the cockpit during takeoff and landing (for realism so you can see everything important)…not at other cameras. Even with the A/P on, the live cockpit is working hard on devices and an extra live camera inside the cockpit probably won’t ease them. But you can still switch camera views without any “damage” to the device.

However, while I somewhat like this idea, it seems like a low priority to the A350 and perhaps would be apart of an A350 rework. In the long run, I do not see this happening; it seems that developers have moved on from the A350 in the time being to focus on other aircraft…BUT…one day, it may happen. Who knows? In the future, with more advanced technology to handle IF, create and rework aircraft, your feature can certainly be a prediction of the future. Today, technology is alright so a camera with a live cockpit most likely puts a lot of strain on some devices.

You can PM me if I sound confusing or you have more questions.

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Ok I understand I may be a bit biased here using a 12.9 inch IPad Pro of IF and I understand that on a phone this feature may not be as useful as it sounds to me :(


On a larger device (e.g. iPad) this is a great idea though in my opinion.
Nonetheless it would probably be more difficult to implement than I originally would have thought:

I personally think that this is a sort of feature that will only be added if the community begs for it - given we already have nose and tail views.

That could be a good feature, but I think is a little unnecessary because we already because we could use external cameras