A350 Dilemma

Hi I’ve got the money to buy my live subscription for a month but I’m stuck in a dilemma, should I wait till the A350 comes out? Or should I just buy the subscription and hope it comes out in that time? Also is there any chance the A350 will come out by this month? I know this is a little ambitious so no pressure on the A350 take your time 👍

I suggest you to to buy subscription after all school exams to have a lot of free time to spend in Infinite Flight. What about A350 - developers said that it may take up to 12 months to create it. Recently they announced new GA plane which I guess will be added soon 😉

Here you can track all important things about upcoming updates


You have a good point about school exams but they are around 9 Weeks away, and looking at the A350 it looks like it’s not gonna come out for a while I think I’ll just buy it now and then wait till the A350.

Thanks Anyways Man!


If I had to guess, the A350 will not be out until July-August at the earliest - its most likely to be released in Autumn/Fall 2019 or potentially Winter 2019/2020. I would wait

I do a monthly subscription at $10 a month. No to hard for most and I can fly whenever.

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Yeah look it’s actually really easy for me to get it so ima stick with activating it now and then buying it again when the A350 is out.

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