A350 crashing game

Hello y’all is it just me or is the A350 crashing servers in the way that you can’t even see all the planes

•I was trying to perform a flight with my brother from ATL-LAX and I can’t see him or other planes

•I was trying to be ATC and I can’t respond or see the aircraft


I’d imagine it’s because there’s so many people in one place. Same thing happened when the A330 was reworked

Either too many people, or you don’t have 19.4 yet

If you dont have 19.4 you will not be able to see 350 planes.

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I do have it

That’s why I was trying to do a flight in a A350

Forgot to mention

What is your airplane count on?
Settings- Live- Airplane Count

The highest

Edit: it was none sorry guys

I’m so sorry