A350 Compass Mode

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Does anybody know what is compass mode in A350 and how does it work?


Are you referring to the navigation display?

Please check it this topic here, which should hopefully answer your question:

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yes I found this option in navigation display, but I could not find the application and how to use it in IF

You should try toggling the system, you should find an option to adjust the navigation display there.

What you’re referring to is the navigation display in the cockpit of the A350 (second display from the left). You can adjust the scale of the distance displayed on that display with the compass adjustment under the NAV menu. Depending on your adjustment, more or less of your upcoming flight plan will be shown on that display.

Thanks all for the reply.
But mainly I want to know about its application. It has two modes, NAV Mode and Arc mode.
I was wondering if it is possible to do DME/Arc manoeuvre more easily with this option.

I think the question is (correct me if I’m wrong)
What is NAV mode on the navigation display used for?

Probably this #tutorials could help:

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