A350 comming out this week confirmed?

(Sorry for my bad english its not my nativ language)
I was looking through the atc scheduel for this week and it said this monday bejing to helsinki would be on the list and the theme was Finnair and i dont think infinite flight has any Finnair planes that can fly that long so i thought they might mean the a350 also they said on thursday the plane theme would be “Test flight 😉” i would love to know what you the community thinks about this but i just thought it lookd like they were giving hints for the 19.4 update that it would come out this week.

Im sorry if i made any spelling errors feel free to correct me and ill do my best to fix the mistakes thx

It’s not confirmed but it looks like it. I’ve found 4 pieces of info that make it look like it


Just keep your eyes on #announcements



tap the photo to see the full image


Keep Your Eyes Out!

image image image image image


my god i hope to god im right

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No need to create a theme for this :)

Oh man. Not another “when?”…🙁


Don’t overthink it, The A350 will come when it comes.

In the meantime do what you always do, Daily chores, go to school, eat some food, stay healthy and sleep well, don’t tire yourself with extreme hype over predictions.


I know im just super hyped ive waited for so long

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We don’t know, but this topic is most likely going to be shut down by a mod soon

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I know, i know theres just alot of evedince

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12/8-12/25 maybe this week who knows

What? Thought it was coming the 30th February??

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My bad luck. I got three violations yesterday and went from Grade 5 to Grade 2 and now have to wait 7 days to get back to Expert server. I wanted to fly the A350 on expert server with ATC this week… its unfortunate


It will be released whenever staff thinks it’s ready. As far as I can tell, there is no confirmed release date and there is no need for speculation on the precise date of release as rollout will take time.


wait what? where di you get thatdate?

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The update will release when it’s ready (and being approved by AppStore and PlayStore of course!). Watch out for a post in #announcements 😊