A350 cockpit view no HUD

How do I know if my plane is lined up when not using hud in cockpit view. Let’s say I’m landing or taking off and there’s wind how do I see where my aircraft is so I don’t go off track?

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Did you try setting up your ILS? Glideslope and LOC indicators will show in the PFD.

This is the PFD (primary flight display)

On the right next to the Altitude you can see the Glide Slope indicator (below pink V DEV)
below the artificial horizon you can see the centerline indicator (GREEN DIAMOND)

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Similar to maintaining your lane while driving just line the center line up with the middle of the windscreen and that should lime you up.

So every time I’m gonna have to zoom in? Bc I can’t properly see the screen

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Well I find it possible to see the PFD without zooming in. You should just try it out in solo and maybe practice different zooms/without any zoom

I have no clue how to use it. They need to make a video on it

What device are you using? I’m on a regular iPhone

same. I am on an iphone 8 and i find it possible on both A320 and A350. However on the 320 i zoom out a tiny bit as the whole PFD isn’t visible otherwise

Lining up with the center of the windscreen will put you off to the left of centerline. The centerline should cut you the pilot in half.

Yea. I said line it up with the center of YOUR windscreen not the whole windshield itself

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Are there any videos on the a350 yet? All the new NAV stuff I don’t get at all and I’ve already looked at a few posts

pm me if you have questions to do with the new NAV system

I could create one if you’d like, be up in a couple of hours?

You can get a HUD view if you go to systems and go to the Misc. part and press HUD. There you will see the HUD pop up on your screen.

Yes but it’s not accurate the position itself

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The FPV is accurate, the hud is just tilted down a little bit because of the cockpit view angle.

There’s a switch in the cockpit that you can use to align yourself up with the runway centerline or taxiway line. I have circled the switch here in red. The white line is where you should be putting the taxiway line. If you put the line just to the right of the switch, or put the switch just on the left side of the line, your nose wheel will be on point. 🙂

Same thing with the C172. Find a spot on the cockpit, cowling that you could use as a mark and use that mark to align you with the centerline.


That’s true.

Right so that’s going to affect the hud