a350 cockpit on Google Maps

Hey everyone,
While re-doing airports, I regularly check the airport on Google Maps for reference. I am currently re-doing VTBS, and while checking Google Maps, I stumbled upon quite the interesting 360 image of a Thai a350 cockpit. I thought you guys might enjoy it :)



Awesome! Thanks for sharing, didn’t know that this could be done.

Really Cool, nice to see A350 Cockpit, just i wish to see it IRL.

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That is an awesome picture!

You just have to know where to look ;) There are also 360 pictures taken on board Emirates a380’s at DXB.

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That’s incredible!

Very cool!

Can you send a link please.

Here it is:


Sorry, it’s a little big :P

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Thank you, nice to see it, too

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Nice to see the full around rather than from a front view.

It bugs me how it says Thai A350XBW…

Cool find.

awesome 360 picture of A350

Thanks for sharing, I like these! Great HD picture to study ;-) That A350 cockpit looks spacious, and I like those big panoramic windows.

What? Lol


This is amazing!

I think that is incase they have a crash and have to cut the fuselage to get out or help somebody

Yeah, but risky with hijackers onboard ;-P

Yea of course! They should have put it in training so that they don’t have that sign