A350 cockpit issue

Hello to all, I’m in the A350 now and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed that the map display buttons for the captain and first officer are not illuminated. (Eg. VOR,WPT, APRT, and constraints)


I don’t think that’s a major issue

I don’t understand, could you send a picture?

The black buttons on top of the Primary Flight Display.

They were illuminated in the 19.4 version


Can you try restarting your device?

I noticed that too

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I feel like this issue wasn’t addressed, is it known to devs?

Yea I’m surprised this is getting noticed just now

Just noticed it flying by night over the Pacific, would be nice to have a small hotfix along with other small bugs detected

Additionally, the artificial horizon in the first officer view is still on the wrong side.

I’ve reported the issue regarding the EFIS on the A350 to the team. Thanks for the report.

This is on purpose (for now). Have a look at this reply: