A350 cockpit issue

Sooooo… is this normal?


I’m sure this is just an error the devs will consider fixing.

Will consider fixing? I sure hope so

That bothers you?

After all the time they spent on it, yes, it does


Oh wow, I was questioning airbus’s decision making when I was landing in the copilot seat but it turns out the developers made a mistake. Hopefully it’s fixed quickly.

Aren’t they configurable? Will bring it up to the developers.




I think the end screens are the centred ones based upon where the pilots are sitting so that will likely be the one that shows the PFD’s, you can’t really glance easily while flying if it’s to the left I guess

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Yes, they are interchangeable, but I would believe the standard layout would be the one the screens are on the A330/340 in standard setting (the screens are interchangeable there as well, but the function isn’t for the standard OPS normally but for the case of the loss of one of the screens).
I am not a IRL pilot though.

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A quick update on this. The textures are reused between the two sides. This saves quite a large amount of memory. This was a compromise in the development of the aircraft as reversing them would require another copy of the texture, potentially decreasing performance.

We may change this as a discussion is being had internally, but we need to consider the performance implications first. The A359 is already resource intensive due to the many textures and polygons, and adding to that could cause a few issues.