A350 Cockpit Display Masking Issue

As you can see, there’s some text next to (behind) 126 degree on the top right corner.

The text was actually part of the planned route.

Perhaps they didn’t cover the corners on the Map. Nice spot tho.


I don’t have this issue.

don’t know if that is NAV only but i use ARC and that never happens


Can we get your flight details to see if we can reproduce this issue? If we can reproduce this issue, this can go straight to the developers and hopefully will be fixed in the future.

Details we need:-

Departing Airport:
Flight plan:

And any other information you may think is useful for us. Thank you!

Departure Airport: RJTT
Departing Runway: 16L
Flight plan: ROVE1C - BRUCE - RJCC

Device: iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 7

The top left corner has the same issue as well. @Madison is correct, as this only happens in NAV mode from my testing.

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I had a similar masking issue A350 flight plan displays

@ZB1423 That’s a different issue which was fixed in the end I believe…

@Luftmensch Thank you for the details! I can indeed reproduce this issue and will report it to the team now. Thanks for the report :)


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