A350 Chaos!

As the 19.4 update released to all devices, i came on infinite flight to do a few routes in a 737, and it was absolute chaos!!! The TS was full of A359s!! All these planes on the map are A350s, KLAX (the busiest airport on TS) was full, completely full of taxiing planes, takeoffs and landings.

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Hello! That’s a lot of traffic! But make sure in future pics to remove airport and airplane names and the HUD. Thanks :)

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That is chaos for sure, I’ll have to jump into that mess later

To add to this. 50% of these players were phasing through eachother and crashing upon landing. Most of these Grade2 players really dont have control or realism 😧😂

Veey sorry, will do next time!!!

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I landed at Helsinki on ES about an hour ago. It was an A350 zoo over there!

Flying towards LAX now on TS in a A350 so time to see what it’s like.

No worries, just lettin you know :))

Photo guidelines… arrrrrrr them #screenshots-and-videos guidelines.