A350 Captain view is not correct


the captain view in the A350 needs adjustment. The Captain is sitting too low in its chair. Airbus has an indicator installed in the cockpit which every pilot uses to adjust his seat:

Now you adjust your seat in a way that the red ball is covering the white ball. The Captain then should have this view (where you are able to see the taxiway markings):

The red ball is covering the white ball in the center

At the moment the A350 Captain has this view, which is too low, taxiway markings are not visible, the red ball is not covering the white ball in the center:

The new,corrected view would improve the ability to taxi and land the A350 in the captains view a lot.

Please do not laugh, but this is how Boeing is doing it in our 747-400 :(

If this is a duplicate please remove it, all I found was something about the A320/321 views.


Wow I learn something everyday


Thank you very much for posting. I had the same feeling that the view is a bit low. However, in my opinion this is the case in literally every aircraft. I hope the developers will fix this or maybe build an option to customize the seat height.


I do agree the seats are a little low. I you wanted you could create a #Feature about it. Or a Feature to have adjustible highs.


i agree but will the developers want to fix this bug?

with a vote

This is glorious! Thank you.

If it was to be that high you won’t see as much.

I like the view how it is now.

This should be changed to #features

Thanks for pointing this out. If that’s the case in my opinion it should be changed if possible.

The problem I would see is that some displays wouldn’t be fully visible anymore. That would be a bit of a problem given that we finally have fully working glass displays. So we should see them fully.

Maybe have an option to move head/seat up and down?


I’m pretty sure it’s because the angle is not too intense looking at the instruments and the visor.

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No. He’s not requesting anything. He’s just pointing something out.

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Ok, I didn’t say he requested anything just saying that it should probably be moved to features. Yeah I know it’s just a simple fix but still.

For a better understanding:


Am I the only one who just can’t see what’s wrong?

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Yeah, that’s an issue that’s been bothering me - hope they find a way to fix that. I’d assume it’s going to be difficult though, because the internal cockpit modelling will have to change as well. Hope such things don’t happen with the 777 rework.


I agree, hopefully they take more time on the 777. Strange that someone removed that post though^ 👀

I disagree, if you take another glance at the picture you can still see all of the instruments in their entirety. Remember, as IFR pilots, these guys fly primarily using instruments, and so I doubt Airbus would design their flight deck so that at the optimal position the instruments would be obstructed.

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Thanks for imformation