A350 Cabin

Will they release an interior cabin into the A350 or no, and the 777?


i dont know if they will. maybe, maybe not

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Would be cool - but remember the devs are under a lot of pressure atm trying to deliver to us


Although I really want that, I believe there’s other important things to be worked on and looked out for. Don’t take my word for it but don’t keep your hopes high as well…That’s all I have to say 🤷🏽‍♂️

No information has been seen to suggest that… As people have mentioned the devs are very busy just tying to get these planes in the game… Defiantly would be a cool feature though

That would be a huge feat by them and would set a dangerous precedent for them to deliver on in the future, so I doubt it. Would be very cool though! I love it in the CRJ.

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This would be really cool to see. Especially in all of the airliners. But, I don’t think it’ll be happening anytime soon. Since the developers need to finish other projects first.

I think they will. they did it with every new AC since the CRJ or so. It would really be awesome!

Nobody will know until something is released. But check these out 👍

i believe they’ve just kept the feature request open to use it as the “Timeline” for the A350 only, could be wrong don’t hold me too it:)

And this one is self explanatory 👍

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I think it’s unlikely due to performance issues. CRJ is relatively laggy even with small cabin.

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Only time will tell… ⏰

Yes they will have interiors, the CRJ set a precedent for it

To be honest, I think it is best to not have an interior for any of these aircraft because it will make the game on your devices lag. The CRJ’s cabin is already laggy enough on some devices. Imagine an even bigger one. Oh no.


It doesn’t have to be large and super detailed. Maybe like the 717 cabin on low settings and like the CRJ on high settings.

The devs haven’t said anything about it so I doubt the a350 will have a cabin. However it may still happen but personally I don’t think it will. Not having a cabin isn’t really a problem for me anyway.

Even if it did, it would put rendering to a scary all time high, and only the top end devices would be able to run smoothly. We need less polygon things… lol.

It’s already been confirmed it’s not happening. @anon20632145