A350 Autopilot

Having got used to the new 777’s much smoother autopilot, it’s frustrating to go back to the A350
with its abrupt heading changes.
When selecting heading change, there should be a delay and then the plane should make a smooth roll, not a dramatic jerky movement like on the 350. This has been captured quite nicely in the reworked triple.
No knowledge of coding but is there no way the 777 AP can be transferred onto the A350? Even the much older 787 has much smoother autopilot and LNAV heading changes than the 350.

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This is a known issue. The 777 AP is testing for the future of others.


But that doesn’t explain why the 787s ap is better, an older plane

The AP’s are individual for each plane. Since the physics are different on all of them, it’s not just a matter of copy/paste. This is also why we haven’t done most of them this way yet.


Yea y does the plane jerk to the right like that? The A350 literally turns and then shakes like its gonna fall.

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I do know what they are referring to however I think it’s a visual issue with how the A350 appears I don’t think the twitching effects the performance of the aircraft. Its more weather if anything I find that the extreme turbulace settings are a little bit much sometimes…

This was answered by both Chris and Sebastian. If you need to hear it again, this is a known issue and is due to each aircrafts autopilot being designed differently, based on each planes respective physics.


Yes! I have been flying an A350 for a while now and noticed how aggressive she is in making turns… She cannot intercept the localizer correctly and keeps bobbing up and down abruptly forcing me to disconnect the AP earlier and higher than usual to stop its mess… However it’s advantages are mainly in stable approach (after you get manage to stabilize it), smooth takeoff and butter landings…

I find this helps: maintain a consistent speed and trim/flap setting from interception and setting APPR until disconnection (around 1000-1500 AGL I usually do this). It’s when you let the speed bleed off while on APPR mode that it can suddenly pitch up drastically.

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Thanks buddy… Please check my topic to better understand the situation of mine:

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