A350 autopilot

I must say, the autopilot on the new A359 is horrendous. Can someone please help? Why is it constantly waving its wings for no reason? Nowhere near a stall.

It seems to stabilise after a few minutes but it’s odd

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Yes i know why Is that happening

What speed are you at and alt?

FL380, m0.86

Is the aircraft heavy?

Not at all, just flying up to London from Madrid. Relatively light load

Can you provide a replay or show a video of what is happening?

Maximum speed is M0.85 for the next Time😉

I’ve noticed this as well

Of course, when I land I’ll show you

I thought because of the aerodynamic design that it can fly anywhere between .85 and .89

Mach .85 is the recommended cruise speed of the A350. Mach .86-.89 is possible, but not recommended. (however there’s no effects of this in IF, so you can use it to get to your destination quicker!)

Weather might be a factor

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Your wings swaying is an indication that you are going too slow. The 350 is a big plane and depending on your weight you may need a little more speed. This is most noticeable on final approach. Try increasing your speed and see if the swaying goes down.


The only time noticed was in heavy wind.

300 below 10k is pretty fast.

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