A350 autoland issues

Gonna need some more context here.

🤔 not sure what I’m looking at, a little bit low

Check out this post on how to use the new APPR:

From what I can see, your source is GPS, which is a major reason why your autoland is having issues. However, if you can be more specific, we can help you figure out exactly what’s going wrong. :)

I tried nav1 also the previous try and forgot to capture how it looks. I’ll try the new method and get back

Too high

And this is after following the steps listed in the topic above?

Can you try and see what happens if you enable APPR after setting flaps full? Changing flaps mid APPR will throw it off.

I mean no. That’s extremely false. I am not going to enter the ILS cone going my final approach speed. Wouldn’t make sense. APPR is meant to aline it’s self. Some of these pictures the OP provided doesn’t do anything justice. Who knows if they didn’t change something later then took a picture saying it’s broken. Who knows if the OP set the APPR up correctly. Pictures in something like this do no justice. Only a screen recorded video so we’re able to see what the Op is doing. And if they’re setting everything up correctly. Would do anything justice.

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@Kyle_Dorsty1 check out what @TaipeiGuru has linked. There’s still a few more things needed for a proper APPR approach. You need to be at or below the glide slow when entering the ILS cone. And when enabling APPR you should be within a 30° heading of the runway. And at roughly around 3000ft agl. And VS set to 0 and slowing your speed down and adding flaps.

I’m using the final approach mode such as MSP 12R final

Try again, you configured the navigation correctly here, nice.

Fly on downwind parallel to the airport to the end of the ILS cone on your map, turn base, set a heading to intercept at the localizer (middle of the cone) at heading 90 or heading 150, then activate auto-approach when you are at the heading 90 or 150.

At the waypoint ZESTY you should intercept at or above 4000ft for runway 12R, so if you want to shoot for that you can use that as a reference.

Here’s the approach plate for ILS LOC 12R.

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