A350 at madeira

is an a350 allowed at madeira? because if not, there is.

TAP flies/flew A330s to Madeira, so landing wise the A350 should be well possible. The runway length is actually not much shorter than RWY 28 at Zurich, which even sees A380s.

Nonetheless there hasn’t been an A350 flight to Madeira yet from all I know.

Hope that helps!


According to wikipedia, it allows up to the B747.

However, as demand for tourism continued to grow, the runway was extended further. The newly extended runway—now 2,781 m (9,124 ft; 2.781 km; 1.728 mi) long—and terminal were inaugurated on 6 October 2002, and to mark the occasion, an Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747-200, registration TF-ABA, landed at the airport.



The 747 is the largest aircraft allowed. So it doesn’t make sense that the A350 is not permitted to fly there, it’s just that no airline flies it there.

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