a350 and 787 remodel


It would be awesome if newer aircraft such as the a350 XWB and the 787 remodel.


Yes that would be great but hold your breath on both.

Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 is nearly guaranteed to be the next new aircraft. Too many people are b**ching about it not being in the sim and they’ve dropped enough hints that they’re working on it.

That said, the next logical course of action for them would be to add in the next two modern a/c, the 787 and A350. They already got the rest covered


Once we see the A320 in the next 2-4 months, then let’s get real serious about the 787/A350.

Note: They may chose to sneak in a small turboprop (Dash 8 or ATR) because that’s seemingly becoming a rising request.

Best, Boeing707


I personally think we have enough Aircraft IMO, 22 and I still only fly less than 7…I just want them to work on the current aircraft and improve the game itself instead of adding more aircraft over and over again xD (not that it’s bad but really we should get new aircraft unless the current ones are updated to the best of their abilities, and I sure as heck know that 787 and C17 aren’t near their current abulities xD)


Hopefully. This sounds amazing