A350 Altitude question

Hello IFC currently I am flying from Dubai to Miami on the A350. should I just climb to my cruising altitude or should I just step climb?

step climb, what is your weight, and cruising altitude?

Always try to step climb

Step climb is the ideal way, it is more fuel efficient and the range of your aircraft will not be effected 🙂

My wieght is 91% 588,520lbs
Current Altitude: 20,000
Planned flight Altitude:38,000

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FL280 and sit there if you really need maximum efficiency. Here’s the A350 fuel curve.

At 91% you can realistically be anywhere up to FL340 without sacrificing too much fuel, but depending on how much you put that may or may not be a good idea.


I put 100% fuel

Oh okay, you would have to try pretty hard to not make it then. As long as you’re at M 0.85 you should only really need 200k lb give or take a little.

Use a proper flightplan that tells you the cruising altitude and which waypoint to step climb

@MathiasG is right, try to use fpltoif.com or simbrief.com to easily create a realistic flight, and do forgot to add STD, Track, Star if you need it 🫡

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