A350 Altitude Question

Hello IFC I was just wondering what altitude should I fly at for a 17 hour flight

Flight Details

Aircraft: A350

Callsign: Singapore 289 Heavy

Route: New York - Singapore

Current Altitude: 20,000

Look at the most recent flight at flight radar 24 . That should provide some clues.

I would go around FL330

IRL they would do what’s called “step climbing” for a flight like this. 20,000 is a pretty low cruising altitude for the entire flight. It really depends on your aircraft weight but I would start someone at FL280-FL320 and work your way up to FL360-FL400 depending on the aircraft’s weight like I said. This is if you want to step climb, if not I would stay somewhere at FL360-FL380.


Based on your FPL your best option would be 38,000 or 40,000


The most recent fr 24 says 38,000 until about 6 hours left in which it climbed to 41,000


Ok Thank you so much

Initially go FL350, then FL370 and so for until your last crusing altitude would be FL410. Step climb every few hours so divide that out, step climb every 2-4 hours. Enjoy your flight!

1500ft would be good

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Definitely notđź’€

Nice route! Have fun!

Technically FL280 going to FL300 and 320 for maximum efficiency, but honestly the A350 kind of burns the same fuel everywhere from FL280 to 400 so you can pretty much pick anything.

you are crazy dude 1500

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