A350 Air Speed Indicator below 20kts

Hey All,

Is this just happening to me or is everyone experiencing this issue during low speed taxi. Upto 20kts taxi speed the indicator is not registering any speed. Typically you wouldn’t be taxing much faster than this so during the takeoff roll once you hit 20kts the ribbon kicks into action. Upon landing once slowed down to 20kts or less the ribbon again goes to zero kts although aircraft is still moving.

Is this just in need of a fix?


This is normal. In most planes KIAS will not generate until you are over 20kts


The instrument is simply not able to show speeds below 20kts. That’s not uncommon, not in real world, therefore not in IF.


As said up there 👆, it’s normal for it to look like this, (if you didn’t know) your Ground Speed can be found on top of the map where it says GS :)

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