A350 ailerons

The ailerons on each wing seem to be set in different directions is this a wee bug on the A350 ?


Wouldn’t that be because your yoke (device) is tilted? Look at the yoke in the middle of the menu bar or what it’s called. It is tilting to the left and thus the ailerons are also one up and one down. Just how it is when you turn the plane in the air the ailerons move up and down.

Put the yoke in upright position without having it tilted and see that ailerons will follow suit and be straight.


The yoke is also stuck as well it moves in and out but does not turn left to right.

It’s been like that for all aircraft since the beginning of time. That’s how the plane banks so it can turn. This is nothing unusual.

Press on AP ON, and then press on HDG. If the HDG is not turned on, then the Yoke shouldn’t be stuck in a turned position. And also calibrate the device again to make sure your device is aligned straight so the yoke doesn’t turn to the left or right.

Cheers sorry still hangover from party last night still getting used to this new control buttons since update. Sorry once again and thanks for quick response 👍


Haha, no worries, glad that it worked out in the end. Happy New Year 🎊