A350-900 swinging

So for some reason the a359 on the flights I’ve tried to do on it in the last weeks gets to crushing altitude and then starts swinging side to side and it’s not the wind I can’t make out what it is but no other aircraft do it (to me)

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The A350 does this a lot when it has too little airspeed, and is about to stall. I get this a lot upon rotation, and if this happens at cruise, you are either cruising at an altitude that is too high, or at a cruise speed to slow.

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I was at FL380 and at a Mach of 84-85 ?

How long was your flight? This can help me understand your estimated weight, which can determine if your initial cruise altitude was too high.

I just got to cruise altitude from taking off so about 20 mins ?

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I meant the total estimated flight time, what was your route?

Ok I guess that’s a bit to early.
Try to use the step climp and start with 320/330 as Flightlevel

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If you’re too heavy and when you’re at your cruising altitude with your throttle at 100% with no increase in speed, its best you descend first and wait until your plane loses enough weight from fuel burning before climbing


I’d say FL380 is a very high cruise altitude for right after departure, meaning that the aircraft is quite heavy, and will struggle to maintain altitude, even at speeds of .84-.85. I suggest a lower initial cruise altitude, something like FL310-350


If you’re heavy and you want to cruise at FL350, its best to cruise at FL300, then climb to FL330, before climbing to FL350
If you want to cruise at anything above FL350,follow the steps above, then climb 2000ft step by step(Basically FL350–>FL370,then FL370–>FL390 with a +2000fpm v/s)

Majority of what my fellow IFC users are correct. I also recommend whenever you use the a350 or 787’s taking a look at @AndrewWu’s fuel burn and cruising altitude guide. Read the entire thing so you know how to decipher it.

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It was Singapore to Manchester

Thanks for the help I’ll be sure to remember that from now on

Sorry to be a bother but isn’t 2000 ft/min a bit high of a climb rate at high altitudes just trying to clarify as I thought at high altitudes you should climb slowly to not lose airspeed or have I been doing this wrong the whole time

I climb at 800FPM. I think 2000 is too high but I’m not sure. My VS goes from 2700 → 2500 → 2200 → 1800 and then 800 when I’m step climbing.

I climb at 2000 fpm but I agree it may be quite high its just a bad habit of me :/

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