A350-900 size

Taken before take off. Can’t remember my takeoff airport, but from the training server. Just to show the size compared to cars on the simulator.


Lovely photo, however next time make sure to follow the rules for the #screenshots-and-videos category which can be found here:

There’s nothing wrong with the topic.


If I’m correct, I do believe that there has to be a detail of the flight like ICAO etc etc since it’s mentioned when you select the category. I could be wrong so don’t quote me on it haha.

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Yea correct you can just take a random picture of lets say a planes interior and throw it in

It’s not in the rules. Besides, OP stated the above anyway:


Screenshots should be in the respective category regardless.

…And it is. If you would understand the rules, you would see that.


The user posts a simple pic to “support” his topic called A350-900 Size and every response is too argue about where this should go !!!

This is so typical of IFC. Are you all little lawyers ?

This isn’t a “screen shot” topic , the subject is about the plane size. The single pic illustrates that point.

To the author , the A350 -900 Is a very large widebody and to me appears too small in IF

But next to the cars in your example it seems truer to scale. Is this your point ?

Now argue all day about my response …is it appropriate. Is too many words ?

Why not comment on the TOPIC !

Weird just weird and typical.


I so agree, I get that people want to help moderate the community which I’m totally okay with, but it’s a little much when you’re criticizing a basic topic from a new member of our community. Enough is enough, let them play the simulator.

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Its not about a screen shot ! It could have been about a landing gear issue and a pic inserted to show the problem .

I have belonged to dozens of forums over decades
about many things. This one spends more time discussing the forum itself than what the forum is to support.

Now waste a 100 posts on that.

The little lawyer club. Unreal


bro is saying that a single pic is not a screenshot lmao

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Why do some of y’all care so much? If there’s an issue with the post leave it to a mod or a regular, which I seen none of y’all are. Nice photo OP!

I’ve always called it… “mini-modding” 😏😂

  1. I find it a little bit smaller than it should be, but it is because the cars are perhaps bigger modelled. Idk exactly.

  2. Mini-modding isn’t exactly wrong but constantly reminding people of little tiny ‘faults’ is sometimes not fun for the creator of the topic itself. If you want to be mod, then apply.
    This is not a drill camp. It’s a community. @phoenix74 did comment it perfectly. Although there are clear rules. The mods can take care of it, they exist for a reason. They do an awesome job.

For example just reminding someone who sended Screenshots of their flight is better to set it as screenshot topic is better then lecturing him, again this spoils the fun. And if you have the energy to lecture, or remind them, then also have the energy to answer on the topic itself because that isn’t polite. (this is just in general, I’m not pointing fingers)
And with reminding I mean politely reminding. You can speak with two words. The first one who replied in this post, I think it was @Adventures. Did a great job.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to say it in my opinion…


Ive stopped posting here i just read other people’s feeds ‘cause everytime im on the wrong 😆 …atlist on facebook and other social nets’ i dont get ghosted …

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It’s crazy how pedantic some people are. Some people have nothing better to do than nit pick at ‘is it in the right category because of the camera angle or its a comparison’ etc. Get over it real airlines aren’t even this petty! Makes me laugh.
It’s simple - comment something positive or don’t comment, being so pedantic just puts people off posting!
Little lawyer club lol

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The point of the post is / was; when you are flying these planes. You don’t truly understand their size. But when I seen this and was able to compare it to the size of a car… and that maybe people who use infinite flight that aren’t pilots or have never even flown on a plane would grasp how amazing it is that as a species, we can build things like this.

That’s all.

ps - if I put this in the wrong place, I put it in the wrong place. please forgive me as it was my very first post on this forum. And seeing as how everyone reacted over where i put it, was probably my last (other than this reply😅)