A350-900 Singapore to Kuala Lumpur flight!

Just uploaded a video on a flight from WSSS to WMKK with the Airbus A350! Hope you guys can check it out and maybe leave a like / comment as well as subscribe! I upload flights like this pretty often and any support given would really be appreciated! :D

Video: Infinite Flight - Singapore Airlines A350 XWB - Singapore to Kuala Lumpur HD - YouTube

Route: WSSS - WMKK
Server: Solo
Flight Time: 35min
Aircraft: A350-900
Livery: Singapore Airlines


That’s a near video!! How did you make the map of the route?

Got the inspiration for this video from flight SQ104, checked out its route and tried to replicate it as much as possible :D

I really liked the music behind the video! Very cool! Keep up the great videos, I look forward for more videos from you!

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Thank you for the support! I will do my best :)

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You can create those maps in iMovie on Mac

Oh I just realised you were referring to the world map the start of the video. My bad! I made those with iMovie on a mac.