A350-900 San Fransisco to Doha

Aircraft : A350-900
Livery : Qatar Airways
callsign : Qatari 738
cruise : FL350 - FL370 - FL390 - FL370 - FL390 - FL410
server : expert

park at the gate to get started


taxiing to runway 28L

taking off runway 28L

leaving San Fransisco

cruising with sunset above Canada

cruising with sunrise above Norway

approach into Doha

landing runway 16L

park at the gate to finish the flight

Great pics. How was the A350 cruising at 350 initially on such a long flight? Irrespective of PAX load etc, it would be very heavy.


Beautiful shots ! I like the sunrise !

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i use step climb and honestly i almost stall while climb to because im not paying attention to the speed

Incredible shots! Glad you flew out of SFO!

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What photos was you favorite?

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Nice shots there!

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My fav one is either the taking off one or the Sunrise above Norway

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