A350-900 Model problem

I just decented to 10,000 feet with A359. The body has a pink style. Distributed on the engine, portholes, the HUD model of the cab and the landing lights. I have never encountered it before. But when I locked the screen and turned it on again, it disappeared.

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Known issue with multiple aircraft types that staff will address when they can. Thanks for the report.


omg the water is contaminated

this is known since 21.1 open beta

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I mean @Thunderbolt literally said this. I donโ€™t see the need for the multiple responses ๐Ÿคจ


It only takes 1 person to answer the question. Matt did it in the first reply!


i was typing at the same time as matt

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For some reason I didnโ€™t see Mattโ€™s response before I started typing, must be a network issue. I only saw it 5 seconds after I posted mine

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