A350-900 Manila to Cebu

Aircraft : A350-900
Livery : Turkish Airlines
Callsign : Turkish 264
Cruise : FL270
Flight time : 1h03mn
Server : Expert

park at the gate to get started

taxiing to runway 06

taking off runway 06

leaving Manila

crusing at FL270


approach into Cebu

on final runway 04

landing runway 04

park at the gate to finish the flight

Really beautiful shots @VibrantPixel!

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Nice shots. Does Turkish operate this IRL on a fifth freedom or you just made it up?
Edit: This is a fifth freedom flight just searched the flight number up

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Great shots! Cebu is pretty much never flown into or out of in IF so I’m glad that it’s getting some love :)

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Nice Photos!

You and @DuncanNL Should do a flight together. Would be nice to see a collab between you two.

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Probaly one day


Wonderful pics … But Turkish in Phillipines?

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It’s real life route and the flight number was TK264

Oh ok didn’t know that Turkish flew inside Phillipines

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