A350-900 Landing for runway easy or difficult?

I will Philippines airlines A350-900 From Manila to Hong Kong…From Manila airport take off it’s fine work but Arrival Hong Kong airport I’ll verd hard landing control
Everyone please tell me

  1. approach to landing speed?
  2. your use A350-900 easy or difficult?
    Thank you
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I’m not really understanding you, but for me I approach at around 180-200 kts IAS, and aim for about 160-70 kts when touching down. I don’t know if that’s proper and also it depends on your weight and all that. I find the a350 easy to land, others may think otherwise. I like the cockpit view, it’s a new challenge. Have fun! I hope this helps.


i do not think otherwise, however it can be an issue depending on the size of the device

What…? Device size doesn’t matter…

for me at least, on an ipad. landing is harder however when i do it on my iphone it becomes easier

That’s quite fast :O

I usually land at 145-150kts
Once I reach 30 feet agl, cut the throttle
10 feet agl start to flare for the real butter.

You want to try to land here:

Hope this helps!

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When I’m above the runway I’m usually landing at 140-150 kts.

And I’ve actually had a really easy time with the A350. Pretty much all my landings since it came out have been butter smooth.

So it is… Thanks for Suhas!!

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