A350-900 Flight EKVG - EGLL

Server : Casual
Flight - EKVG - EGLL
Flight time 2hrs 15mins
Altitude: 10000ft
Speed : 345kts
Nice flight pattern through Central UK .Enjoying the A350-900 , stable aircraft even at low speed. Anyway a few shots of the journey, have a nice day 😊

Runway 12 EKVG

Approach 5000ft after take off

Crossing the Scottish mountains

Nice Cockpit

View from EGCC Tower as i pass over

Dropping the gear

Love the livery

Approach 09L

Touch down

Terminal 2B GATE 242


A few of your photos didn’t upload completely :)
Great shots!

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Corrected , thanks

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Hey there! Great shots! But I hate to be that guy but you must have 10 shots or lower in this category. About the Screenshots and Videos Category

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Thanks for heads up i forgot ,

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I live in the Faroe Islands and i must say they really need to bring some attention to my country, with the terrain and the airport but overall I appreciate it even being in the game because we are a very small country!