A350-900 first visit at EDDG

Due to a Champions-League Game between Dortmund and Atletico Madrid my local Airport Münster/Osnabrück had its first A350-900 visit ever. This Airport usually only has A319/30/21 and B737 for holiday flights sometimes charte flights with A330 but an A350 is totaly another dimension for this local Airport. We even didn’t had a correct Parking position and had to park it diagonal on multiple Business stands 😂 just due to its wing span. The flight was operated by Iberojet from Madrid to Münster it was fully booked with 432 passengers. All of them just fans of Atletico Madrid.

Here are some of my Pictures


Great pictures and congrats to the BVB!


Yeah, already looking forward to 30th April BVB vs PSG what charter flights they will bring with them 😂

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That’s one heck of an interesting visitor. Love the Iberojet livery as well. Nice shots!

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Yeah on a Airport like this, its a huge Aircraft.

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