A350-900 does not have flaps sound

Device: IPad Mini 9.7 inch (2018 model)
Operating system: IOS 15.4

Hello and Greetings!
I recently noticed that the A350-900 does not have sound when deploying flaps. I noticed this when i was doing EDDF - KJFK. I also noticed this around 2-3 months before when I was testing something else. I just want to ask if anyone else has this issue? (Prior to the flight, I did update the game to 22.3)

Cheers and have a great day/night/ afternoon!

When deploying, are you noticing a sound after Flaps 1(slats)?

I’m also noticing same issue…and yes flaps do sound after 1 !! Additionally they only move when 1+F or more…

Yes, i am hearing a sound after Flaps 1. Thank you for the resolution!

So when the A350 was first released, the slats didn’t have a sound and it wasn’t an issue.

This isn’t an issue, the slats doesn’t make much of a sound. By design for now :)