A350-900 Crew rest area

Another cool feature that could be modeled into the jet would be the crew rest area just for detail/ a bones camera location, it would be a cool in game sight to see where your virtual crew will laydown and rest dureing long haul trips.


Love it and you got my vote but might not be good for all users due to (glitches, lags etc.)


Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

I would but I ran out of votes

The only way you’d be able to see that ist to use the freecam. There’s no point in putting a camera angle down there as there’s nothing to see besides the room.

I don’t think it’s necessary as it’s really just a lot of effort in 3D rendering for something that you can only visit when your plane is standing on the ground or in replay when you pause the flight. Otherwise you can’t use freecam to visit that area.


Cool.Just thought of reminding you good luck with your request.

Most importantly where the pilots gonna take dump? Shouldn’t we have that too with nice camera view? I think this is fair question.


I agree with @Marc and if we apply this request, next step could be magazines, wc, earphones, hostess etc.

Like @Marc said, I don’t believe there is much point. FDS haven’t even created the inside of the fuselage where passengers sit (mental blank for the word) yet alone this not well know part of the aircraft. Sorry mate but I don’t see it happening.

I think it’s necessary.Look at the CRJ’s toilet,does it have a camera?

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Never knew this existed

I see this as a cool idea! If we can have an inside window-view on the CRJ, then i see no wrong with having a crew-rest view.

And what exactly would you be able to see?

A room with a bed. Sounds boring right, but still cool for when you leave your device to fly a long-haul

Yeah, but you see, there are no windows in there. There’s literally no point in this.

Ik, changed my comment after realising that.

Yeah. It does sound boring. A small room with practically nothing in it. It’s not like anybody could see it if they weren’t using freecam.

I would like to know, what will serve your demand for features in the future?

We must have everything every little detail must be stuffed in 😃 the demand will only get stronger

It’ll also make the plane laggier. Nobody wants that.