A350 30 knot Crosswind Landing

Vietnam A359 landing in a 32 knot crosswind at Melbourne a short while ago. The key to crosswind landings is to get the aircraft down on the runway as soon as possible.


Cool Pictures, I love the Vietnam Airlines Livery! Excellent job for keeping it on the Centerline too!


Nice pictures. I was wondering do you remember what the V/S was for the landing?

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Looks like your approach was executed very well, nice job!

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Not too sure mate, as I don’t have IF Operations

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Cheers mate. I love a good crosswind

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Thank you!

You don’t need it. You can go to replay and HUD view. Watch right under the altitude monitor. You can see your V/ S there.

I’ll have a look now

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I love the A350, and this landing must have been tough.

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That’s a tricky landing, you really did a good job with that!

And now, I shall nominate you to be awarded by @PocketRishi for landing perfectly centerline at YMML.


-235 ish V/S


That is really good for a 30 knot crosswind landing.


Woah that’s an awesome landing! Runway 34 at MEL always poses a challenge which you passed flawlessly

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Nice, looks like you were about to land on the 1,000 foot markers. Right in the touchdown zone, with those winds that’s a great approach. Nice pics as well!

Cool Pictures!

Nice photos! Nothing better than a crosswind with an A350 in the beautiful Vietnam Airlines livery!

I agree with @MaksimFerguson. The rudder should help straighten the plane.

Yes, you would give right rudder, not left. Left in that situation would only make it worse.

Yes I noticed this as well