A350-1100 decision at Farnborough possibly

Intriguing… Anxiously waiting for the show!


Meh, I already dislike this aircraft. It won’t compete with the B777-9 on par after a certain range. I fear that it will end up like the A346. It’s like every “over-stretched” aircraft: You either sacrifice payload to keep the range or you decide to lift the same payload over shorter distance more efficiently than the competing aircraft. We see the same with the B739MAX and A321neo. The MAX will never compete with the A321neo for this very reason. The -1100 is a stretch too far as the -900 is the base model. The -1100 will only be able to compete with a new engine AND most importantly, a new wing. Otherwise I just see this aircraft as a “me2” aircraft to prevent more sales for Boeing.

And what about the engine? The Trent XWB-97 is already maxed out. GE has a contract with Boeing for the GE9X like on the B77W/F program (exclusively for Boeing). RR would have to offer a new engine over 100k thrust?!

Unfortunately, this aircraft will probably be developed. But hey, I’m not a bean counter either :D


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This will irritate Boeing somewhat. They were quite confident they had the 400 seat “mini jumbo” market to themselves and had Airbus in a dilemma.

A good move if it happens. A relatively cheap upgrade for Airbus to mod the A350 and siphon off future 777-9 sales. And unless you are a middle eastern airline, you won’t be likely to need the extreme 777-9s payload / range anyway.

The only obvious downside is that it may steal a few potential A380 orders - however they aren’t exactly pouring in these days are they?

Interesting times ahead for sure!

Extreme is the 777-8. The -9 is basically a B77W but with more capacity without any sacrifices. Problem I see is that the airlines that ordered the -9 so far are planning to use it on 12+ hour legs. This is exactly where the B777-9 starts to beat the -1100. This is like the question if Boeing should launch a B757 replacment to compete with the A321LR to not give up on a 300-500 aircraft market. However…the 400+ PAX market is way bigger and is extremely big once the B77W needs replacement…A -1100 is not so out-of-question after all…

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777-8 is the length of a 77W

Hmm… A twin engined a340-600.

I thought it’s slightly shorter with 70m compared to 73.9m

I think the 777-8X is the same length as a 77W

Yeah but you said the 777-9 is like the 77W

If you look at it from a range / payload perspective they are pretty similar. But overall in length, span and capacity, they’re a whole different pair of shoes.