A350-1000 to IF

Since the A350-900 has been added and the A350-1000 has been out flying for qiute long now I thought that it would be cool to have this in IF. I couldn’t find a request for it but if there is one this can be closed.

There is also a Ultra Long Range version of this. I know that British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Qatar operate it. I bet there is more but I don’t know about them. Also I’m pretty sure that Qantas ordered the ULRs for their YSSY-EGLL flight. If the -900 is basically the 77-200 this is 77-300, and 777x, but with longer range.

Anyway, I hope to see this in IF sometime soon, but I think that at least the A220-100, and -300 should come first.

Please take a look at this

Airbus A350XWB Family